Why Early Decision Is A College Admissions Mistake

http://www.planforcollegevideos.com Why early selection in implementing to university is a huge error.
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  1. dragonarf says

    With Early Decision, if the financial aid package is not enough, you can end the contract.

  2. PreCollegeCoach says

    Place on your resume only what you cannot fit on your Common App. And/Or feature the 3 most important things you did in high school because that is all you want them to see. Otherwise, if you put a lot of stuff on your resume, they will skim it and possibly miss what you consider to be the most important. Hope this helps and good luck!

  3. PreCollegeCoach says

    Sorry I miss this post. ED would not likely help you. That you’re “not in the best position” is a meaning that escapes me. Sorry.

  4. AznAndy562 says

    hey i am stressing OUT please help, i need help applying my gpa is good and scores are decent. but what are the standards for resume! plz help me

  5. PreCollegeCoach says

    Maybe. To really help you, write a note that declares that you are NOT looking for financial aid. That will definitely get their attention because they will make a lot of money from you. Thanks for a great question. ~ Paul

  6. RobertPhillpott says

    Let’s say I am very wealthy and willing to walk on broken glass for twenty miles to go to their school, but my GPA is a slight bit lower then their average and I’m not in the best position for normal acceptance, would early decision help me?

  7. PreCollegeCoach says

    Great question. I have a video for EA which YouTube doesn’t allow me to post here because it’s available through my website, not through YouTube. I’ll try to post the video here soon.

  8. David Richard says

    Hi Bry. That’s tricky. But I have a few ideas. Send me a note through my blog.

  9. Bry Back says

    I have a question, in your opinion, if you have never pased a AP exam but always got A’s in the class, should I still put it in my college application? because I got a 2 on all of mine so far 🙁