Financial Aid 101

With economical help deadlines approaching, Harry Smith talks to Rebecca Jarvis about maximizing the rewards.
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  1. NewWorldRob says

    Happy Birthday Baby !!!! It’s Mine Too!!! I was fond of you awhile before this new wave of people who noticed you at CBS era.
    Thats how I found we share same dob

    God bless u pretty girl++++. Have fun dont work 2 hard

  2. danielmedina630 says

    These people never mention Sallie Mae!, a reckless institution no different from Enron or Bernie Madoff. Google: Studentloanjustice

  3. goodgam says

    These people are so out of touch to how the education system is ran at the college level. If you go to your school and present them with a letter to another school and say, ” Look I got accepted to a better school lower my tuition or I’m booking”. Your going to get looked at like you just walked in their office naked.