Today’s Golfer – Draw The Ball

Lee Scarbrow demonstrates how to work the ball from right to left … todays golfer tips tuition golf swing


  1. badboybarrio says

    slightly open the clubface?then the technique will be rolling over in a tremendous timing….if the timing is not right,then forget the draw…i feel the opposite way…slightly close clubface…close stance and play as normal….

  2. jaded78 says

    To correct a slice, dont try rolling over your driver face, instead bring the face around sooner. By that I mean at some point in your downswing your wrists will start to work and you kind of flick your wrists forward in your swing. This brings the club face down sooner and helps you to have your club straight at the point of impact. For a right handed golfer you wrists would be moving right to left just before impact…..not twisting like in this video.

  3. vincentmack37 says

    Thats kinda funny I had a terrible slice problem myself, i rectified it and now i hook my iron shots, jeez its a tough game

  4. DT1SCO says

    The easiest way to draw the ball is to roll over your hands and aline your feet and body just right of yor target. If u have a Mwt driver eg superquad R9 Mizuno mp600 set it to fade and practise this tip(above) Hope it helps

  5. Winyamo says

    I had a bad slice with my driver and was told to work on rolling over the face sooner as to not leave it open for the slice. Now I have that down but I cant hit my irons straight anymore. They all draw right to left pretty heavy. Totally screwed me up

  6. noosaslayer says

    This guy is spot on, it’s a text book lesson. All this shit about just drop your right leg back is not controlled, this way it, rolling your club on impact is the key and timing is everything.

  7. white95sl2 says

    It’s funny how many people do it in many different ways. This one seems the most relevant in helping me out. ESPECIALLY the part about keeping the weight on your right leg. Thanks!

  8. gilligog says

    it is the same with every club. Done correctly you will add a lot more distance to your shots, just like the pros!

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