Mark Knopfler on Tomorrow’s World A clip bought to my attention by a member on the forum. … mark knopfler dire straits lesson tuition guitar technique style music teaching learning fingerpicking interview


  1. SGwizard1 says

    its a fender copy, and they make them nowadays, the modelling is called the Line 6 Variax. you can get a modded one to make it have a flashing fretboard on it.

  2. racefaceec90 says

    i love guitarists like mark,dave gilmour ,steve rothery e.t.c.who make it look so easy,but to actually play their stuff,well it’d be easier facing off against a grizzly bear with nothing more to defend yourself with,but harsh language!!!great guitarists all of them!!!

  3. organicpaul says

    No, this was a BBC programme called ‘Tomorrows World’ that used to show gadgets and technology. The chap on there is called Howard Stableford.

  4. DogSwede1 says

    Mark is always so fun to listen to =D

    “I got a toothbrush its got one light,, and I’m getting to like that”

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