Guitar Lesson 8 – Rock Power Chords ( You will learn Power chords! Plus, i will show a really cool palm muting technique! Have Fun! … video guitar lesson learn to play electric acoustic song songs chord chords tab riff tuition tutor teacher


  1. justborred34 says

    WOOOWW a really good video!!!
    it helps a lot!!
    hey im learning a song and i would like if you make a video about it, the song is whats my age again of blink182!!

  2. RiverCougar says

    whats the note on the top E string thats 2 frets up the neck from A?
    thank yoU!

  3. jamaicanmicrofilm says

    brilliant! thanks so much for posting this. i wanted to learn some basic chords and now i’m able to do. cheers.

  4. darthcaedus666 says

    It’s because he is using the PAD of the finger and not the TIP. I used to get bugged by that too, then I learned how to actually hold my instrument lol, it’s way more comfortable and makes a much better tone.

  5. ILPWLSW says

    i always did that before i even herd of power chords. i just learned it on my own without seeing or heaing about it first,