Flo Mounier Foot and Hand Techniques

Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy demonstrates foot and hand techniques on his ‘Extreme Metal Drumming 101’ DVD. Hand technique begins at 3:17. … Flo Mounier Cryptopsy Drum Tuition Death Metal


  1. lorenzoreinadrum says

    The foot technique is very similar to my way to play fast… 😀
    I love this: Floe gives importance to the POWER on fast double bass drumming and use a simple pedal, not a fucking Axis (!).
    A lot of drummers abandon the power of the stroke and use only triggers…
    Great Job Floe!!

  2. monkeychunkey says

    this is crazy. His leg technique (for the first) is how i like to do it. The Second ways is the same except, my left foot always wimps out and starts to flam with my right. Go Flo!

  3. MajkeTiTvoje says

    take a drumstick and a pad, turn on the tv, and do singles with your weaker hand during your favourite tv show 😀

  4. KillerDrummer88 says

    it’s similar to my aproach, but I use a little more weight from the legs… I think it’s dangerous for the ankles to search for volume this way :S

  5. TheVegas13 says

    Practice left hand only, and try to match your left hand as closely as you can to your right hand.

  6. blastbeatero says

    His right foot has a smooth technique. But it seems his left foot doesnt have enuf ankle control as his right. Thats y his left thigh moves a lot more than his right does. Observed it too in his other videos. Can u guys notice that?

  7. entrailsgalore says

    How high do you have your drum throne? I find that this works best with your drum throne elevated slightly higher than normal so your knee is bent more than a 90 degree angle. Your ankles are more free to move without throwing off your stability.

  8. entrailsgalore says

    Not so much. It would be like sitting on a very high stool where your feet are dangling. Your body would be balanced and you can just vibrate your feet without having to stabilize yourself too much. The only difference is you are sitting down near the floor and your feet are resting on the floor. I use this technique often as it lets me worry more about playing rather than if I am going to fall off my char or something like that.

  9. derekpharms17 says

    Yup mine tighten after a good jam
    thats why repetetive workout playing rudis at a wide range of Bpms helps
    for ex. I play sets of paradiddles, singles triples and doubles as well as reverse or at least thats what I call that one 🙂 they really help its alos helpful to practice your doubles just as much as you would singles
    I know what people are thinking but it really helps alot dont worry you wont lose the abillity to play clean singles 🙂 for more good workouts just check out roddy’s book

  10. TBAG1000LTDedition says

    Yes, you should. Also, he’s “wrong” by saying you don’t use your hip flexors. What’s really important with this technique (I also use it), is that you do use you hip flexors for balance AND control. That’s also why you have to sit a little higher than normal and a little further away from the bassdrums. That way, it’s easier to keep the balance. Hope that helps.

  11. stover81291 says

    my question exactly! i cant figure it out, im try to use ankle but my hip flexors arent capable of holding my leg and using my ankle without feeling like i have to leen back and fall off my throne. lol

  12. BmGdrums says

    ok, i got one question for any one to answer. By not moving your legs, and just using your ankles. Don’t you have to flex your hip flexor muscles muscles for stability?

  13. stover81291 says

    hey i have the same problem with my hip flexors they burn like crazy. did u ever get any advice on wether its a good or bad thing?

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