Financial Aid question is it possible to get money from next semest to pay this sem?

Could you ask financial aid to take money from next semester, including loans, grants, to pay for something for this semester. I know they would have to review your file but is this possible did anyone ever try?


  1. lovelife says

    nevet tried it but you could ask. At my school they would do short term loans for monies they hadn’t disbursed ( due to their negligence). Eg ( you had not recived your financial aid check, you could go ask for a short term loan, they would cut you a check for whatever you asked for ( provided that amount would be netted to you after all your expenses were paid that were do to the school. Also, they would let you carry over a balance until the next semester and take that difference off of the next amount that was due to you. In short, nothing fails but a try, go there and explain to them what is going on and ask them what are your options. Good Luck with school! Finish Proud!

  2. strawberrycrush says

    Talk to the financial aid office at the school. I’ve been able to do it for small amounts, like books.