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Capella UniversityAre you looking for a university offering high quality degree level courses catering to the needs of those looking forward to increase their career potential? Capella University is the one for you. With all the desired features it offers some of the best courses.

About Capella University

Founded in 1993 Capella University in the state of Minnesota, offers high quality education with innovative course programs catering to the needs of adult learners and also offers to give the required training and sufficient learning experience. This exclusively online University is owned by Capella Educational Company. More than 29,000 students are enrolled for different courses with students from across 56 countries and a majority of them are pursuing post graduate and doctoral course programs.

Course Structure Online

The course structure of the online programs offered by Capella University is as follows

* The programs start with an orientation introducing the students to programs
* Followed by the orientation is a little intro to technology and ways to handle them
* Assignments are offered online specifying the due date, time, grading and all other relevant details, which can be printed for the reference of students.
* Online discussion with peers and instructors is possible with online interactive sessions
* The classes are held at any time of the day; precisely it depends on when you log in.
* You are required to spend 13 hours per week, with hours varying from 5 to 20 hours per course.
* All the classes have a clear start and end date. Where every quarter will have close to 10 weeks with a 2 to 3 weeks break between every semester.
* The length of the program depends upon the number of classes you will take per week, credit points you have earned in the current course, points you were able to transfer from your previous courses and finally the course time frame specified.
* The courses offered have both graded and non-graded courses. The final grade results are given within two weeks from the date of completion of the course.
* Enrollments to the courses are offered every month.
* The classes to be taken and when you can access them are specified online.

Online Programmes Offered

Online course programs offered by Capella University are of high educational standards and offers to cater to the requirements of all those full time employees and busy professionals.

Capella University offers the following online courses

Doctoral Programs (PhD)

Doctoral Programs are offered in Psychology, Business, Public Service, Human Service, Education and Technology.

Masters Program (MS)

Capella University offers masters degree in Human Resources, Business, Law, Industry, Healthcare, Project, Education, Human Service, Children Psychology and Public Service. It also offers Masters of Business Administration in Finance, Accounting, Health Care, Marketing, Human Resource and Information Technology.

Bachelors Program (BS)

The undergraduate courses offered by Capella University offer Bachelors of Science in the following areas.

* Accounting
* Marketing
* Security Management
* Health care
* Finance
* Human Resource
* Network
* Project Management
* Information Assurance
* Business Administration
* Software
* Human Resource
* General Information
* Public Administration

Educational Programs (Eds)

Educational programs are offered in Instruction and educational administration
Certification Programs

Certification programs are also offered by Capella University in the following subjects

* Human resource
* Information Assurance
* Enrolment Management
* Addiction Counseling
* Health Care
* Management Studies
* Professional and Marriage Counseling
* School Psychology
* Project Management
* Community Service
* Leadership
* College Studies

Capella University Admission Requirements

The university has a very detailed admission procedure to be followed hence the students should be very clear before proceeding. The admission requirements are listed for your reference.

* Online tests are conducted to assess the potential of prospective students
* Program specific requirements should be complied with in order to gain admission
* Additional requirements may be required to be specified by the student depending upon the course of study chosen
* International applicants are required to submit their test scores in Tests of English like TOEFL, IELTS and MELAB. The TOEFL scores expected are a minimum of 550 points for paper based and 213 for computer based test, for MELAB it is 80 and for IELTS it is 6.5
* Graduates are required to complete the application form and also attached transcripts of their other educational qualifications
* Where the students do not comply with the minimum admission requirements, details of their work experience, letter of recommendation are considered for admission
* Where discrepancies arise, admissions are rejected and if admitted, the students are withdrawn.
* Conditional admissions are offered to students who take time to submit their original transcripts.
* Admission requirements for different programs are stated specifically.
* Where students do not comply with all the required admission criteria, such applications are not entertained.
* Where students who are admitted are found inactive for a period of more than four quarters, their admission is withdrawn. Such students are required to apply for readmission to proceed with the course activity.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for the program depends on the level of degree and nature of specialization opted for. A uniform $75 is charged towards non refundable admission fee and for international students additional $150 is charged. Students ID Replacement charges of $15 is charged. The course fee is divided into semester based collection installments. Refer to their detailed tuition chart for exact figures.

Capella University – Tuition Fee Reduction Program

Tuition cost can be reduced with the help of the following programs namely, tuition fee reimbursement program from the employer, discounts offered to US Army candidates, reduction through credit points transferred, corporate discounts and through benefit programs for veterans.

Capella University Financial Aid Program

After considering all the fee reduction programs, the remaining is financed through scholarships and grants offered qualified students, federal loan programs and private student loan programs. Filling up a FAFSA application form makes them eligible for all federal student loan programs.

Capella University Faculty

Capella University has faculty strength of more than 1000. The faculties are selected based on their scholar educational programs and relevant experience in the field of their tutoring. Faculties are spread across United States and several other countries. They are trained through the distinctive online teaching program a specialized course offered by Capella University.

University Accreditation

The most important credential of any university is the accreditation process. Capella University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The University is also a member of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

The NCA has what is called the Academic Quality Improvement Program and Capella University is one of the first online educational institutions to be a part of it. Members of this program come under continuous quality improvement programs or the CQI. Being a part of this AQIP, Capella University is required review its performances annually unlike traditional 10 years review cycle.

Career Opportunities with Capella University

The courses offered at Capella University are aimed at adults who are working professionals or full time employees. All online course programs offered by the University career oriented courses focused at offering a career improvement and advancement course program.

The career centre of the University offers one to one career guidance to students. Webinars are conducted for interested students detailing the various career opportunities available to students pursuing a particular course work and strategies for career advancement

Examination Schedule

The examination schedules for the various courses are published on their website, which can be accessed by students using their username and password. Even otherwise the examination dates are notified to students whenever they access any information from the Capella University website.