Michael Hardt. About Love. European Graduate School 2007 4/6

www.egs.edu Michael Hardt, the author of Multitude and Empire talks about love, how can love function as a political concept, why love, the proper and improper ways love has functioned politically, love as activism, and evil and its relationship to love. Public open video philosophy lecture for the faculty and students of the European Graduate School, Media and Communication Studies Department Program, EGS, Saas-Fee, Switzerland, Europe, 2007. Michael Hardt. Michael Hardt, born 1960 is an …


  1. zomailver1 says

    I wonder what his conception of love is precisely? What about the deluzian concept of love as an assemblage? (I think he said something of the sort) And his warning against dealing with grand generalizations in the capital Love, Justice, Law, etc.?

  2. FuriousBataille says

    He did make it clear at the beginning that he doesn’t yet have an argument. It is rather a sort of annotated bibliography.
    Why don’t you develop some concrete strategies? Or are you incapable of thinking for yourself and require philosophic managers to guide you to a conclusion!

  3. brendanmcooney says

    What I would find more useful than this loose rambling about various historical idea of love would be concrete strategies of how “love” is a useful concept for building political movements. I suspect there aren’t really any and that that is why Hardt has to rely on metaphysical speculation. When was the last time people fought a revolution over metaphysics?

  4. endgame6 says

    this is great stuff. credit to hardt, he really has guts talking about this- something i dare only think about on my own

  5. egsvideo says

    To whom it may concern,
    Thank you for the comment. The lectures are usually 1 1/2 hours … some are longer, others are shorter. Youtube forces us to split them into individual pieces (10 minutes each). As for Michael Hardt’s lecture I believe that there are around 4-8 more clips. Please enjoy the other videos as well. Thank you.