1. momraspberry says

    Ave Maria is a wonderful school. This video was made as part of a contest among the students…it was MEANT to be stupidly funny. It does not reflect the intelligence of those who attend the university.

  2. AaronShaunBrennan says

    145! 145 is 5 points into genius level. If your 145 what the heck are you doing at ave! If you are 145 then God Bless you however you should be in a much better college. I am happy at 138 2 points from genius.(: I have seen a lot of times were people with IQs over 140 Not understand the most basic of things, Ave is just Not a good college to go to. I dont see anything special about it? I was in the Pre Thee and it was a joke! I will be entering the seminary this fall. God Bless!(:

  3. godlovesyou333 says

    Dear AaronBrennan, try 145 with an SAT of 2210. What’s further, Ave is accredited by Florida and is in the process of national accredidation. What’s taking so long? Ave Maria is a new university and it takes four years for a college to get accredidation. Eat that smartass.

  4. AaronShaunBrennan says

    First of all my IQ is 138!! What is yours! I type very fast and my spelling can get mixed up in the process. So my friend was wrong about the dog house so what! Your school still isn’t accredited!!!!!!! Whats taking so long??? Maybe because everyone’s IQ’s there are under 100!!(; Nothing is Great at that school! Franciscan University is much better plus its accredited!!!!!!!!!

  5. JolieFleur0116 says

    OMG! What? Please tell me what happened during your year there…because I am going to go to that school next year, and I really don’t want to be making a bad decision. I means I have heard so many stories similar to yours, please I want to hear what you have to say.

  6. godlovesyou333 says

    First of all, you can’t spell, second of all, there is no doghouse, so obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about. Unless you have an IQ above 100, don’t post ignorant comments, thanks.

  7. AaronShaunBrennan says

    I was there the 1st year I loved it allot but I started to see flaws in the school and never returned! Then they sent me this huge bill 1 year later? They wanted money from me but wouldn’t say what the bill was for! There all about money there! I even herd though the grape vine that they built this $5000 Dog house for there school mascot that’s air conditioned! This is not Catholic! I want my money back those Bastards!!!!

  8. says

    While this subject can be very touchy for most people, my opinion is that there has to be a middle or common ground that we all can find. I do appreciate that youve added relevant and intelligent commentary here though. Thank you!