“dog Eat Dog” World of College Admissions


In the “dog eat dog” world of college admissions, it is easy for high school students to get caught up in the cutthroat competition that is an inevitable byproduct of the college admissions process. Fortunately, there now exists an avenue that can transform this “dog eat dog” behavior into a more friendly “dog meet dog” environment.

This avenue is Get-Accepted.com, a new service with a simple mission. Get-Accepted’s aim is to provide aspiring high school students with sound resources and concrete guidance in order to alleviate some of the pressures of the college admissions process. There are several facets of Get-Accepted’s mission.

One of the main features that Get-Accepted provides, and perhaps its most valuable asset, is one-on-one interaction with an extremely priceless resource — current college students. High school students benefit from the advice of these college students who act as student advisors for Get-Accepted. Since the student advisors have recently lived through the college admissions process, they can offer legitimate expertise on the matter.

The main responsibility of the student advisors is to conduct a series of live conference calls on a variety of topics such as college application essay writing, balancing high school extra-curricular activities, and advice on transferring from one college to another. High school students can listen to the conference call of their choice, and have the valuable opportunity of asking the student advisor pertinent questions about the college admissions process.

As a supplement to the conference calls, the student advisors also share pieces of advice via blog articles found on Get-Accepted’s website. Featured blogs include “Early Decision”, “Choosing Colleges” and “Financial Aid.”

In addition to the valuable advice offered by the student advisors, the aspiring high school students also have the opportunity to network with each other. High school students with similar academic goals and potential college choices can create their own accounts on the website and become part of Get-Accepted’s online community. Then, they have the ability to communicate with each other in a friendly, accepting environment.

Get-Accepted’s website also contains many resources and articles pertaining to subjects such as Ivy League schools, the common application, and general college admissions preparation. These resources, pooled from all over the internet, have been collected and posted purely for the benefit of the aspiring high school students and their families.

In addition to the aforementioned features, interested parents and college counselors from all over the country can also join Get-Accepted’s website. Allowing the parents to become an integral part of the college admissions process is an important aspect of Get-Accepted’s overall aim. And providing membership to college counselors enables the high school students to tap into yet another important resource.

Through its simple mission of providing aspiring high school students with resources and guidance via blogs, conference calls, and interactions with expert college counselors, Get-Accepted.com can act as a gateway to a high school student’s dreams of attending an elite university. Only one question remains: will you choose to open this door to a brighter future?

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http://www.get-accepted.com/members/?id=4224202″>Sutanto Widjaja is Founder of Get-Accepted.com. A graduate of Berkeley and Stanford,he hopes to make College Admissions Counseling available, attainable and affordable to everyone through Get-Accepted.com

Sutanto Widjaja is Founder of Get-Accepted.com. A graduate of Berkeley and Stanford,he hopes to make College Admissions Counseling available, attainable and affordable to everyone through Get-Accepted.com


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