Solving Simultaneous Equations by Elimination Example 3

Example 3 – – GCE A Level Maths video tuition. This video demonstrates how to solve simultaneous equations by elimination. … alevel gce simultaneous equation “a level” elimination core maths tuition tutor livemaths lesson teaching revision


  1. B15HOPB01 says

    so that both why had 24 infront of them… it doesn’t matter that there is a + on one and a – on the other.

  2. superstu86 says

    Please please help with how did the guy come up with: 6y=30? The bit before made sense but not from 1:57 mins onwards? I get -12 + 6y =18 but not the bit after that. Where does 6y=30 come from?

  3. eilatan321 says

    help me!
    how do you work out:
    2x + 3y = 6
    3x – 2y + 22

    i thought x was 4 because i got 7x +28
    but now what do i do?!
    i tried to substitute it in but look:
    2(4) + 3y = 6
    8 + 3y = 6

    what the hell?
    3y has to be 2 right?
    how does that work?
    2 divded by 3 will make it really messy right?
    im so confused, help me please!

  4. Livemathsisthebest says

    Another great video – go to the website – they are fab. I’ve even recommended them to both my classmates and teachers.

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