“Hell No to Furloughs!” Chant CSUF Students

BY THEM @ IREPORT.COM www.ireport.com **** CNN-(Fullerton, Calif.) California State University Fullerton students protested the current budget cuts to the school causing a 32% increase in tuition and 10% decrease in pay for teachers. On July 21, 2009 CSUF officials sent out an urgent notice to all students that their tuition would increase only one month before classes were to begin. At the same time, teachers were told that they would have to take a mandatory cut in pay and take nine …


  1. Rockynurse says

    I love how students are so incredibly stupid. If every CSU and community college student gave $5 and they created an account full of money that could be used to lobby the state government then stuff would get done.

    $5 from every student would add up to millions in lobby money. That would speak louder than picketing voices.

  2. chunkyFLOVER says

    I’m surprise they were allowed to walk through the halls of the buildings. I was in SGMH when they came shouting through the doors. I had just finished my econ test.

    PS…..do you guys know Aaron Gilman?

  3. waverly2468 says

    Is this a comedy like Reno 911? That math teacher wants to make it easier to raise property taxes ? Calif. is bankrupt–there’s NO MONEY. If you want to help your college then buy $1000 in lotto tickets, because the lottery is a regressive education tax. The only growth industry now is collection agencies going after student loan debt. Do you want fries with that?? And when you get home you’ve got 5 calls from Sallie Mae. If you can’t afford college, THEN DON’T GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nillok says

    Instead of these protest saying “fight for education!” and all of this, I would rather see an alternative solution. Someone should see the budget and tell them what to cut, because at the moment it’s as if they are advocating that the school and government should have a deficit mounted upon the people so kids going to CSUs won’t have to pay more for education (yet, still cheap compared to schools around the country)

  5. Nillok says

    If an econ major at the top of her class believes that something in the world of scarcity can be free it concerns me about the future of our society. I shouldn’t be shocked, keynesian economics has plagued academics so much that such thinking is bound to sprout up.

  6. Nillok says

    Capitalism, which is something we don’t even have, didn’t cause the inflation we are seeing and going to see or the devaluation of the dollar. The Federal Reserve is to blame for their interest rates which creates the boom and bust cycles we see over the years. Failure to understand this is failure of understanding the fractional-reserve fiat currency system we are currently using.

  7. abitdifferent1014 says

    Furthermore, CSUF students did protest the war and we are upset about the banks getting bail out after bail out, especailly when higher education was promised that they would be protected from being cut.
    There is lots of talk on how capitalism and those in charge and with something to gain from it exploit citizens, and ulitimately, this is what is causing inflation and the devaluation of the U.S. dollar.
    Maybe you need to find out what is really going on at the campus before you start judging

  8. abitdifferent1014 says

    As a matter of fact she was an econ. major at one point and was top in her class for most of that time.
    Secondly, if european nations are willing to fund the future of their country why isn’t the U.S. Instead of making education available for all through taxes we are raising tution on students who will eventually end up paying over $4 dollars in taxes for every $1 they use of taxes for education right now. Why don’t admin. of CSUF and CSU system take a friggin’ pay cut or fight for education?

  9. Nillok says

    About the inflation the Federal Reserve is creating which will only kill our dollar even more making education even more expensive? These are things I would rather protest for, not for “free” education (something which doesn’t exist.)

  10. Nillok says

    Now, you mention that we are taxed the same as European nations. I would like to know what is it that you propose to cut in order to provide for education for, “free.”

    I, for one, would suggestion the trillion dollar military budget we have to maintain our overseas empire. Where are the CSUF protest about the soldiers dying in Afghanistan and Iraq? About Obama’s “stimulus” to the bankers and the corrupt?

  11. Nillok says

    You just admitted that education is paid through taxes. Taxes, by their very nature, is taking the money from the labor of one person to give it to another. Fredrich Bastiat calls it “legal plunder,” or legalized theft.

    In order for education to be free that means you have the right to the teacher’s labor, the construction worker’s labor, the administrator’s labor, etc. etc. etc. This, of course, is something one can’t expect to have “free.”

  12. anamorphism says

    generally, if you do some research, the average american pays nearly the same amount in total taxes as a citizen of a large number of european nations. a large majority of these european nations offer government-funded education (i.e. no tuition fees). so, i would probably state that you need to take some economics classes if you don’t believe that education can be relatively free (books, registration and supplies aside).

  13. Nillok says

    I hear a lot of complaints on how the tuition was raised (even though it’s cheap compared to the rest of the country), but I see no solutions.

    FREE EDUCATION? FREE EDUCATION? ….ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Oh dear lord, our future is in some rocky hands. As if education is “free.” Who pays for the teachers? The school? What’s going on with education at fullerton if someone believes education can be “free.” She needs to take an economic class.

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