College Saga

Once upon a time, when Earth was still a beautiful place, an evil force came to turn all living things into Vegetarians. Three students from suburban Massachusetts would step up against this catastrophe… to end Vegetarian Supremacy. Mark, JesΓΊs, Maria and their foes would make amazing personal discoveries as the two forces clash. And so began the ultimate saga about friendship, heritage, sex and explosions.


  1. sindiewen says


    If only life was somthing like this. A huge chair blocking the middle of a pathway, Solving puzzles, Defeating evil

  2. guitarplayer1099 says

    haha same here, this was like one of the first i saw. i remember just searching nothing and this coming up and i watched it and it was amazing and now it still is :p

  3. EinKaitosXD says

    My like 10th time watching this and the funniest part next to all the ppl dying is mark saying “What makes you think im asian!?” ROFTLCOPTER

  4. OnePiece4ev3r says

    i’ve seen this video at least 50 times and still is EPIC… and my favorite part… JESUS IS ALIVE (tou tou tou tou tou tou TOU TOU TOU!<== music) ahaha

  5. keybladewizard49 says

    ….you are amazing here. Wow. Just WOW. I usually hate this kind of thing, yet… this… is amazing! Just WOW!

  6. GranitePlox says

    Saw this video a long time ago, and to this day it never gets old.

    Everything about it is pure genius, especially the little details making fun of the useless background characters you see in most RPGs.

  7. Valnar123 says

    Hm :/
    I think,that there are too many FF Parodys.
    A Seiken Densetsu 2/3 Parody would be great πŸ˜€

  8. EinKaitosXD says

    All i have to say as many times as is seen this it never gets old there should be a sequal for give my spellin

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