Student Tops Congressman Kline

In response to a question from a college student about tuition costs, Congressman Kline said he was looking for ways to bring college costs down, but he didn’t have any solutions and would welcome some. Be careful what you ask for, the student offered a solution. … John Kline MN02 Minnesota Congress Tuition college


  1. brandonjy says

    I too was at that meeting and tedyork was correct, he didn’t really answer the question. I’m not sure why you have such a hang up over this.

  2. tedyork says

    I’m the one who asked the question and I can tell you the congressman’s response. He said that this would not lower tuition, he is right, but then I told him it could be used toward grants and investing in schools. He said something against raising taxes and moved on to the next question. It’s not about being “liberal,” it’s the fact that there wasn’t much of a response at all.

  3. carterfamilyinstpaul says

    Why don’t we hear the Congressman’s response. Liberal are great at asking questions but never wait to hear a response – they just to big a kick out hearing their own voices.

  4. rossrowley says

    I think I studied this once in Psychology class. Kline’s automatic turn away and hand to the mouth gesture when the words “tax the wealthy” are said, isn’t that a reflexive protective gesture when one hears something that really cuts to one’s soul?

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