Making Your Average Student Life Appear Above Average in Your College Admissions Essay

You don’t have to be on top of your class to be able to convince the admissions officers that you got what it takes to be admitted in their university.  If you know how to write an excellent college admissions essay, you can pave your way to the university of your dreams.  

Emphasizing your achievements, no matter how few

Your achievements, skills, and experiences are among the things that spice up your college admissions essay.  These play very important roles on your application process.  This is why you have to make it a point to emphasize what you have accomplished or what you are going to accomplish in the future.  However, overemphasizing your achievements and skills would give a negative impression.  This would make you sound like you’re bragging and you’re being over-confident.  So it is important that you include only your attainments that you think are very relevant to your application.  If you don’t have enough achievements to start with, you can still include the few ones you currently have.  Instead of telling your achievements through a one-liner description, make it a point to show your accomplishments by writing a short narrative on them.  In this way, you are not just rewriting your resume.

You should keep in mind that accomplishments are not just the honors and awards you get.  These also include how you survived the obstacles that you encountered in your life.  So if you don’t have much to tell about certain awards, focus on how you faced problems in the past.  Giving emphasis on how you made it through bad times is even effective than listing your honors, because the former will reveal your maturity and the depth of your personality.  You can also focus on an event in which you took a risk or a significant step and you succeeded.  This will give the readers an impression that you are courageous enough to take a risk.

Coming up with well-written college admissions essays that will make your average grades somewhat irrelevant

Although your grades are very important factors in your college admissions, they are not the only elements that could affect the result of your application.  Your college entrance essay has also a relevant impact on your admissions status.  So you don’t have to worry too much even if you don’t have A’s last semester.  You can redeem yourself by writing an essay that would make your average grades insignificant.  A well-written essay is first and foremost, technically clean.  Meaning, it is well-edited and proof-read.  It should be consistent and coherent.  It should also have a central theme that would bring the sentences together.  The college entrance essay should also exhibit maturity.  

Differentiating outright lying from sugarcoating information

You have to write your college admissions essay in such a way that it would give an impression that you have depth.  Another important thing that you have to remember is to be honest in writing your piece.  You have to write according to who you are and not what you want others to believe who you are.  The admissions officers read countless essays in the past, so for sure they have a way of knowing if you are telling the truth or you are just lying.

Nancy Haverford is a professional writer. She is a resource person for writing college admissions essays. She also likes giving tips on coming up with college admission essay topics.


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