College Admission Essay

Gaining admission into the College or University of your choice could be quite challenging. Most colleges and universities filter students according to their grades and their college application essays which have been submitted along with other important documents. As such, writing college admission essays is a crucial task which could have a vital impact on your admittance or rejection into the college or university of your choice. Needless to say, the 500 word college essay decides the fate of your academic and subsequent professional career as well.

A college admission essay reflects your personality and shows the selection committee why you are different and worthy of being admitted to the institution. The primary function of the application essay is to provide personal information about yourself to the college committee, which is not apparent from the grade sheet and the certificates of your extracurricular activities. Concisely, college essays seek to reflect the inner thoughts and feelings of an individual, which enable the committee to gauge your values, opinions, beliefs and morals in life.

A college essay could be based on any topic, like “an incident which changed your life” or “why do you want to be a doctor/nurse”. There are a variety of topics to write on and every given topic should be dealt with in a personal manner since the committee seeks to “hear” your “inner voice” by reading you essay. Having given you a brief view of what college essays seek to accomplish, I know you would be wondering how you should go about the process of writing one. Selecting an essay topic and writing a college essay could be a task easier said and done, something which we, at Quality Research, understand thoroughly. So if you are not confident of writing a college essay and do not want to risk your admission, you may contact us to do the job for you. Needless to say, we understand the importance of writing a college essay which will make your selection committee sit up and take notice of your college application.

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