Asher Roth – I Love College (HIGH QUALITY)

Free Xbox/Beer Money: ^ I need a couple referrals. Once I get my free xbox I’ll post whoever helped to the video to help you guys too. Everyone is entitled to at least one free Xbox in their lifetime. πŸ™‚ FAQ: 1. IT IS NOT EMINEM 2. THE GUITAR RIFF SOUNDS FAMILIAR BECAUSE IT IS FROM WEEZER’S – SAY IT AIN’T SO Song: I Love College Artist: Asher Roth This video goes out to anyone in college (or goes to college parties) and knows what they’re all about! Nothing like getting …


  1. innoruuk01 says

    I must be the only dope smokin partyin MF’er in my engineering program…Gotta hang out with the CH students and dumb it up just to party…what a mother fu**er.