Billionaire for Wealthcare Celebrate Their Tax Break on Tax Day

averaged a meager 3%. 3) I had to transfer colleges because the government took my money! Government absence is the cause, not the remedy. With less funding, colleges are forced to hike tuition. The average tuition at a public four-year university has increased 29% between 2000 and 2007. Private college tuition increased by 13% over the same period. A December 2008 study by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education showed 49 states received a grade of F (failing) on …


  1. azxten2326 says

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  2. Zoklor says

    That is the whole point. People showed up on April 15 to denounce the irresponsibility of BOTH parties. The guy is right in the video, the penalty for financial irresponsibility is going out of business, not government intervention. Thats the whole thing about the economy, it is supposed to be cyclic. You can not sustain constant growth. If a business goes down, the customers are still there. It just leaves room for other business’ that are responsible.


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  4. DocGorilla says

    so wait… the left is FOR the $12 trillion bailout funneled into the financial elite?

    anyone notice both the left and the right are retarded?

  5. johndeere140hydro says

    Alex Lawson (1st person to speak on video) claims to be just an ordinary guy taking a lunch break to protest. You must have a government job to get such a long lunch break Alex. He’s part of the big organized socialist movement machine.

  6. djmattyd says

    it speaks to the intelligence of the crowd when that guy came up to you with the “these people are all millionaires?”

    good job guys

  7. phogasm says

    the last guy who said “tax consumption not productivity”, I think he is on to something. I could get behind that.