House Party 2 (part 1) 10/23/1991

focus on more feminist perspectives and slowly Kid and Sydney begin to drift apart. While buying books for his studies, Kid’s tuition cheque bounces and he is sent to the finance office where first he meets Miles, the Dean’s assistant who tells him not to be intimidated. Kid then meets Dean Kramer who destroys Kid’s student ID and gives him a week to pay his tuition fee. Miles tells Kid he can “hook him up” with an extension by getting his friend to make changes on the main computer for a …


  1. PhreShPimpCeSS says

    “kick ya fuckin’ ass” LMFAO , i love when they say that : ) in my opinion i like this one better then first and third one and def. the fourth one .

  2. GolJanoBoi says

    Iman rockin after dis movie Micheal Jackson pick her up 2 make the Video Clip wid him (Rememeber The Time)

  3. denominator38 says

    yo i like the little church beat at 5:30 the little beat is fresh and those girls are fresh

  4. denominator38 says

    when i was 7 i remember my older brother going to see this movie he came back laughing mad hard

  5. prettyboy0909 says

    Anyone know what the hell that one dude was doin when Iman was talkin?

    it looked like he was beatin his meat but what does that mean?

  6. DocSkribblez says

    “See Chris Martin in the credits, they be thinkin it’s that nigga from Coldplay” – Phonte

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