Short Story-women Want Company of Men

Woman wants company of men

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

I had been a clerk in the Education Department and as per my record of service I remained posted in women schools and then in women colleges. It is also on record that I had been having one or two charge sheets with me and most of my time had been wasted in giving written replies to these charge sheets. Most of the complaints had been wrong and that had been the reason that I had never been put to disciplinary proceedings. But on the whole I had to waste much of my time to trace and identify the real complainant. I had the knowledge and I had been seeing and reading the writing style of my colleagues and therefore, I could understand as to who had made a complaint against me and since I was also a woman and I knew how to take revenge from the complainant and I started writing against her immediately without any delay and within days, she had to withdraw her complaints. Though I was never given punishment, yet I had always been under pressure and stresses and I was not having much time with me to dispose of my official work. At times my home life had also been adversely affected and my husband had been asking me to shift from women institution to the men’s wing in the department. But I was not agreeing to this suggestion because I knew that my husband was having his own nature and had I been in boys school or college where most of the colleagues would have been men, then this husband of mine might have been raising objections on my character linking me with one or the other of my colleagues. So I remained with the women’s wing throughout and had been facing difficulties at al the stage.

After retirement, my friend Aasha met me at a marriage party. She was my class fellow and also my friend too. She had left college after graduation and after her marriage she had shifted to another station. We had been in correspondence for sometime, but then we discontinued. In India boys and men could continue with friendship, but most of he girls have to leave this field because they are busy in other affairs of the house and their husbands do not like that their women should also be having friends and be in correspondence with them.

Aasha had also retired. She told me that she had been in men’s institutions throughout and that had been the reason that she had been enjoying service life throughout. The men are very sweet. They want that they should be close with the colleague of other sex. They wanted to come near to me. They had been offering me seat, they had been offering me cold drinks, tea and some eatables and I noticed that they had been improving. They started keeping good atmosphere in the office. They stopped misbehaving with others. They were neat and clean. They were having good habits while at work place. They were not happy when I was absent and on the next day each one was coming to my seat and was enquiring about my absence yesterday. They had been appreciating my work and conduct. They had got every praise for way of living. They were liking my life style. They were having all praise with my make up. They were having all praise for my clothes and they were appreciating my choice of colour and material. They wanted that I should share my lunch with one of them. They wanted to invite me to their table and they had been serving me with tea. When they could not solve a problems, they had been discussing the problems with me and I was surprised that some time they had been discussing their family affairs with me and some time they had been discussing problems of their children with me. I realized that I had been in the right when I selected this men’s wing in my life. I never told to my husband what had been happening in the office nor I ever disclosed that I had been taking tea with those fellows and they had been discussing their own problems with me. I kept all these things secret from my husband because I knew that these men are not in habit of tolerating all this mixing up with men.” Aasha told me all this and I realized that I had been in the wrong and had I joined a men’s institute, my life would have been better and from that day I started advising women to serve only in institutes where men are working and a woman should not join an institute totally manned by women. Service with other sex is always pleasant and from that date I also started sitting with men as and when I could get a chance and I could feel better. The men are still finding something good and attractive in me and they are still having appreciation for me.

I am thankful to God that He has created this man for the woman and this woman for the man. During my young age I had been having some doubts in character of some women who had been with men in the offices, but now after meeting Aasha I changed my opinion.