we’ll show you how easy it is by breaking the process down in to small simple steps. You can see more information on the ‘How to Play Didgeridoo’ section of our website, including details of how to contact Aboriginal Arts Ltd for private tuition in London. Or come and visit our Didgeridoo Shop Good luck and best wishes, Colin … Didgeridoo didjeridoo circular breathing drone sound didge lessons teacher tuition Australian Aboriginal Arts …


  1. raidereddie says

    Hah hah! You look kinda stoned at the end! Are you sure you’re not Peter Gabriel? Great demo by the way.

  2. TheLastIkist says

    good luck πŸ˜€ this is where it inevitably doesnt work :S and then you hunt me down with a chainsaw screaming yaks or some such word…

  3. TheLastIkist says

    breath out with your lips as loose as possible, steadily tighten them untill you find the drone. it works for me

  4. Namingway00 says

    i cant make the drone sound when puffing out the air trough my cheeks πŸ™ it just wont work. does anyone have any tips on loosening up your lips when making the drone sound with your cheeks?

  5. funeralhomepersicom says

    this is probably the most helpful video i have found on the matter thank u! ive been praticing my didgeridoo nd im getting better! ur techniques r simple and helpful thanks u get 5 stars!

  6. gapsaph says

    This was a great demo! I love seeing the different approaches towards circular breathing, and you are definitely who I’m going to try to imitate! Thank you!

  7. munnacanada says

    i can blow with my cheeks and only get to do breathing through my nose one lucky time! am i doing somthing wrong?

  8. balbannock says

    I am a Respiratory Therapist licensed in the state of Minnesota. This brought tears to my eyes. Are you single?

  9. detroitstu says

    I got the water technique down pretty quickly. Doing the actual breathing is another story. But this has got to be one of the better lessons that I’ve come across.

  10. OnlyByFishStandards says

    same here. i can circular beathe and drone, i just don’t see how you can drone with some much limitations in your cheeks

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