Solving Simultaneous Equations by Elimination Example 1

Example 1 – – GCE A Level Maths video tuition. This video demonstrates how to solve simultaneous equations by elimination. … alevel gce simultaneous equation “a level” elimination core maths tuition tutor livemaths lesson teaching revision


  1. rasliferobelisk says

    ok forget misspheonix1’s explonation that was useless (no offence) y is the econd equasion multiplyed by 3?

  2. MissPheonix1 says

    so that the (-3y) + (+y) get rid of each other after you multiply the second equation by 3. Remember, when you have different signes (- and +) you add them… -3y + (+3y) gives you 0. so you can work out the value of x 🙂

  3. TrueCelineLuver says

    Thats excellent, thanks a lot! Now i have to search for Trignometrey, Loci, Algebriac factors and Pythagoras theoram!

  4. notetoselfimissyouxx says

    Thanks:) I didn’t understand why either, but you helped:) Good luck if you’re doing your GCSE tomorrow!