NROTC Scholarships Maggie Jackson and Danielle Head

Maggie and Danielle come from opposite sides of the country, but share a common bond and opportunity: the Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps. Which gives them full tuition at top universities, unrivaled leadership experience, and a career path that places them light years ahead of their peers. … Jobs career “US Navy” Navy military education college nursing scholarships leadership NROTC tuition


  1. ScubaSt3v31993 says

    nice im in army jrotc in high school im a junior but i want to do nrotc in college for marines

  2. wafflejack69 says

    Why is she expressing her interest in submarines? I thought the submarine field was restricted to men.

  3. Jovian84 says

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  4. JassenArts says

    Communism will never be tolerated by a free and morally righteous people. And I pray that the Navy will continue to be supported by those who love what the U.S. Constitution stands for -one nation, under God.