In this video i talk about TUJ’s Tuition and general costs per semester. The list with its estimated budget i feel is way under, you need to allow for a much higher per semester budget. Also cost will be lower after the first semester. ESTIMATED COSTS FOR FIRST SEMESTER in US DOLLAR and YEN comparison Admission Application fee $350 ¥42000 Matriculation fee $3458 ¥415000 Visa Application fee $167 ¥20000 Student Activity fee $25 ¥3000 Facilities fee $219 ¥26250 Tuition Full-time, 12-17 credits …


  1. OhComeOn says

    Thank you so much for doing these videos. I really want to go to TUJ once I graduate from high school and these videos really help me and make me more determined. :]

  2. LtDevilsX says

    Well..2 things: We have the same major, and I am going to a community college as well. Secondly, my college waives our application fee for TUJ, so that should help a lot. I should be in Shinjuku next fall for a language school, and then the following fall I will be in TUJ. Glad to know there’s someone out there who are generous enough to provide much needed information. Hope to meet you over there.

  3. atomicboyx says

    Yeah i see that from seeing other universities, i was sued to community college prices at that point when i filmed this vid.

  4. atomicboyx says

    There are new scholarship policies at TUJ which makes it easier for more people to apply for them. Also if you are an american you can apply for US financial aids since it is a US school in japan. But i know i need a supplement to my living!

  5. atomicboyx says

    You can pay 10,000 yen (approx $100) to process your application and that is all you have to pay at the moment until you know you are accepted. Then other stuff is for student visa stuff and some other fee (i forgot) which can be paid with your tuition.

  6. KuroBourjois says

    I won’t be able to put this all in one comment but…
    Huzzuh! Prt 1.
    This information is really shocking. I don’t know where to begin…!
    First of all.. My university has recommended people to at least get their mits on 6k to last them the year. Also most of the students at Leeds uni get scholarships, where they get 500 UKP a week. On top of that, alot of them work part-time as an english teaching assistant whilst they’re there. Over here in the UK, we can also get student loans.

  7. akikochan88 says

    i have a question so when you are just applying to see if you can get into temple in the first place what is th cost for applying?

  8. atomicboyx says

    I was also thinking of getting a masters at temple, but japan campus only has TESOL masters. Temple philly has tons of other masters, i wish they had an art master in japan so i wouldnt have to leave. Or if i become fluent enough in japanese while there i can go to a japanese college to get the masters.

    cheers to all of going to TUJ!!

  9. TheStranger2O46 says

    Nice breakdown on the cash for going to Temple. Since I’m going to Tokyo after my BA here in the states, now I’m flirting with the idea of getting my Masters as Temple. It’s expensive but not too expensive, that is with enough loans. Hell I’ll just become a Host for a year to pay for everything ;-]

  10. atomicboyx says

    not a buttinski, but for a student they can work part time, latest rules are, up to 28hrs a week, but no bars, night clubs, pachinko parlors, host clubs,,, pretty much anything that could cause trouble. old rules was first semester you could not work, 2nd up to 20hrs, 3rd and on upt to 28. i wanted to be a club bouncer, but that dream is squashed LOL

  11. atomicboyx says

    THANKS! yeah im most worried not having enough for food, i will be going to school smack in the center of tokyo, so i better make myself bento or starve! Well it can help me lose weight!! I saw your vids a long time ago but no updates, then saw you were making new ones again so i subscribed!! KEEP IT UP!

  12. PurgatoriX says

    Hey, sorry if I’m being a buttinski, but
    on the working in Japan thing: make sure you get the correct visa if you want to work in Japan, as they are really strict about it! If you are caught working without the correct visa, you can be fined, arrested, possibly even deported. I don’t mean to scare you, but I have heard of a few bad experiences.

  13. PurgatoriX says

    Good videos so far; I wish you luck! But you’re right about the money thing, it can vanish quickly! Lawsons is really good, but I say get to know your local grocery stores closing times. You can get cheap bentos or onigiri the closer they get to closing time! plus the instant ramen in Japan is excellent, much better than most the crap in the states!


  14. atomicboyx says

    there is only one “real” japanese resturant where i live in miami and it is over an hour drive to get there, but is very very good. There are many “japanese” resturants but they are owned by chinese, thai and even spanish, so they serve basic sushi dishes but no authentic japanese food. But i got to the local asian market and buy japanese products to make soba, gyoza and miso. I cant wait to eat true japanese food!

  15. NaruyoJapan says

    KAKINABE is delicious! But it is necessary for you to have Japanese miso soup first. I want you to know Japanese taste little by little.

  16. atomicboyx says

    I SAY GO FOR IT!!! I figure i have the rest of my life to pay off school loans, so why dont i just go do what i want! all teh while in JAPAN!

  17. Sappurii says

    Wow your video scared me a lot. I’m also planning on studying in Japan and not just for one year but for 4 years. I’ve known that it’s gonna be expensive and I’ve been saving up money for a long time now(and hoping for a part time job over there). As for the housing… Japanese friends told me that room-sharing is pretty common so I really hope that I’ll find someone through the internet. But anyways, I’m really glad about your video, keep it up =)

  18. NaruyoJapan says

    Mother does not accept such eating habits! Ramen is delicious food. But it is unhealthy every day to eat. 

  19. atomicboyx says

    Right now its my job, its a good job which i should be able to put away alot if i just stop going out to eat and buying crap i dont need. I am in the beginning of the whole process getting the info i need, to then apply to the school which is $350 to process the application. After acceptance i then need to have at least $30,000 available (loans and cash) to be allowed to attend that year.

  20. Jake106 says

    What methods have you taken in order to save money. Looans?Scholarships? Or god forbid 10 JOBS?!!!