Vox Satchurator demo – Joe Satriani distortion pedal

Vox Satchurator demo – Joe Satriani distortion pedal. This is a bit of vintage chappers magic that I made for a company called “Sonic State” last year. I made a tuition DVD with Orange Amplifiers “Rob Chappers Rock Guitar Tuition 1” which is available for £14.99 plus shipping just email rob@themonkeylord.com to order 🙂 You can download my EP on iTunes here: itunes.apple.com Please note I am now an ESP Guitars artist, but at the time of this video I was with PRS. … Vox Satchurator demo …


  1. Fiarzen says

    dont throw the packaging away!!! if you want to sell it packaging increases value by 1 billion fold/

  2. gibsongod15 says

    Hey i have the same amp! and i just got this pedal. It has this wierd thing going on where it makes like space sounds when i use the volume pot on my guitar.

  3. TheFreemanProject09 says

    probably by covering the insides with some kind of insulation tape, just guessing correct me if im wrong

  4. nght5tlkr says

    Incidentally, it’s neither Japanese nor Chinese. It sounds more like Thai.

    So how does one rid the pedal of its radio pickup? I’ve never had the problem, and would like to know how to fix it in case it happens when I get my own Satchurator.

  5. somaAndi says

    as much as I like all of your vids I have to say that at least my satchurator dose not pick up japanese radio (or any other language) and I never experienced problems recording it.
    anyway great review!


  6. AldridgeHalenFreak says

    Oh ..I forgot… I instead bought for $70.00 US dollars more, a Fulltone GT-500. It has a 500uf hand wound coil within the Mid range adjustment within the distortion section that is a cooker. Much of this stuff also depends on what you run it with. Rob’s Orange Amps are also making it sound like it should! My Amps are Fender 5150 III’s. I still think I will buy one because I like Gadgets and Joe’s input is also very legit!! Thanks Rob! Gotta love those Britts!!!

  7. AldridgeHalenFreak says

    Bleeding Over from Radio!! Thats a gas!! Just for that Im getting one! But being a Yank here in the states I just have one question: “Do you speak with a accent or do I” Ha Ha… Alright Brotherman… Thanx for sharing with us. Maybe if Im really lucky I will get a few voices with my Distortion. Now thats Voicing!!!

  8. swordio777 says

    hahaha!!! “Oh, no, no, no, it’s Japanese – Ah kira desu ne”. Dude, you’re a genius!
    Personally I rally like the tone you’re getting from this pedal too! I know it wont be to everyones tastes but it sounds like it’s got plenty of tone and a surprising amount of gain.
    Great work!
    oyasumi nasai

  9. simonaglen says

    I ran this through a Gibson Les paul std and a vox ac30 and I really couldn’t get a good sound out of it. Way too fizzy. I guess some people like it, but try it before you buy it. I picked the Guv’nor pedal over this one.

  10. ibzmav says

    that shit sounds just like the japanese DS-1. Not a Vox innovation. BAD BAD BAD!

    I had that for a week. Sold it. Very fizzy product!

  11. MrDogsbody says

    aaahhhhhhhhh chappers makes me laugh, ‘mmmmn its really well packaged,’ and then just flings the box on the floor!