What is financial aid and how does it work?

If I were to attend a university and apy for financial aid, how much do they usually give? How is it distributed? Does it last all 4 years?


  1. CB says

    If you go to any college site and look the FAQ related to financial aid, it will answer your questions.
    The package and what/how varies from college to college.

  2. specialpancakes says

    You have to apply for financial aid every year. I had an EFC of 0 which stands for estimated family contribution and I got a federal pell grant of 5350 which is for the entire year. I go to community college and it is barley enough to cover both of my semesters with books. I’m pretty sure if your looking to go to a university you might want to look into scholarships and you can also get low intrest loans that you pay off AFTER you graduate. Good luck with furthering you education…



    -also it depends on the school but my school sends a check 2 weeks after the semester starts-

  3. sportzzgirl says

    I’m interning for this website gofinancialaid.com. check it out, it will answer a lot of your financial aid questions. I’m writing for the blog , feel free to comment and let me know if it helped!

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