Higher Ed: Free For All

In the struggle to keep up with tuition, 78% of students work while enrolled, averaging 30 hours per week. But the annual cost of everyone’s public tuition in the United States is less than $50 billion, says Adolph Reed. We could pay that bill for everyone, he says–and reap substantial returns on the investment. … Colleges universities professors students tuition “financial aid” loans “student debt” “Marc Bousquet”


  1. generatrix999 says

    No we can’t join all other free, developed nations, b/c there aren’t any. If American(s) stood-up for what thee country is supposed to be, things would be different.

    Education is a tool used by the elite to control the people. If you can’t see this, you need to be reprogramed.

    You simply cannot have an educated public, the elites ponzi scam would be up/over.

    Higher learning institutions are teaching how to be part of the system that represses learning/freedom, not facilitate it.

  2. SoberInsanity says

    Fuck the teachers? Yeah, im sure that will contribute to their morale and motivate them to do their best in teach students.

  3. cuddlebuttons says

    AMERICA IS A LOW WAGE NATION!! this is the REAL cause of poverty–not “shipping out” jobs or lack of resources! OOOH IT BURNS ME UP!!!!!

    can we not join all other free, developed nations and give people a head start and fighting chance, not to mention have a MORE EDUCATED POPULACE???

  4. generatrix999 says

    Wanting teacher$ can go to hell.

    The teachers will be there. Why wouldn’t a conscious society want education to be free? It only makes sense, all would benefit. Fuck the teachers, they’ll get what they deserve and should be required to teach free as a service.

    Education should not be a for-profit industry as it is in America, corruption rules.

  5. camerondurkin82 says

    Doesn’t Sweden have free post secondary education also? Hasn’t it also been named, by the U.N. as the best country to live in, multiple times in the past decade?

  6. arenaskies says

    some countries with high taxes have free education, and I say so should America. Sure some of you may protest and say are you kidding? hell no I’m not paying more taxes! But think about it, our federal government charges us with the IRS and in return that money does not go to educational or security reasons. The tax is illegal anyways, look it up if you don’t believe me. So instead of the useless IRS, tax America with something useful so education is covered.

  7. peonunion says

    if higher ed is free… who will pay the teachers, people who have to get really qualified to teach at their level… i hear cuba has free ed. whos up for that

  8. mcrod says

    This is the first country in the world that charges its students for higher education. Teh rest of the world is starting to follow suit only after imitating the American model.

    It has become a complete commercial enterprise. If these are truly non profit institutions, they should not profit as they do! Northwestern Univeristy has one of the highest tuitions in the country, but own most of the city of Evanston Illinois. Duhhhhhh, do the math quant jocks…