How To Succeed With Graduate Programs

The graduate training programes popularly known as Graduate schems are now offered in most industries or sectors and they usually run for about a year. They are quite popular with the students as they offer a chance to work with some top names and gain on hands experience with a decent salary. Though they may not get you as much as a regular job yet it’s a great way to kick start your career. It’s the first step up the ladder of your success.

Thousands of graduate schemes run every year, across a broad range of career sectors and geographical locations. How can you find out about them?

•Professional institutions

•Browse vacancies online and sign up to get them emailed direct to your inbox. 
Hundreds of graduate recruiters, especially larger organisations, participate in our career events, including:

•Career fairs 
•Employer presentations 
•Talks and workshops
Through these, you can find out about many graduate schemes and opportunities on offer, and suss out whether you’d like to work for individual organisations.

Some Schools in the University run their own career events (eg. Law, Civil Engineering). Check your notice boards regularly.

Every year, directories list some of the larger graduate training programmes. These are a great way to get started.

There are lots of ways to find out about graduate opportunities online from graduate vacancy websites like the vacancies section on 
Careers in Nigeria for instance, Prospects website and many others.

Company websites
Most organisations, especially the larger ones, advertise their vacancies and graduate schemes on their company website.

Search the find graduate employers section on the Prospects website for the names and websites of many major graduate employers.

Professional institutions
Many professions operate annual recruitment and training programmes, which you can often find out about via relevant professional institutions.

Graduate school is no longer just “a good idea.” Graduate level of education has become an entry-level requirement for many of the more desirable professional positions. Furthermore, there is a critical shortage of Nigerians with advanced degrees (especially the PhD) who conduct research, publish, or teach about the many issues and agendas that directly impact our lives. Your pursuit of graduate studies could have a direct effect on this urgent shortage. it will definitely give you an edge over others that don’t have

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