Tuition Protest 2007

Canadian post-secondary tuition fees are escalating rapidly. On February 7th students across the country rallied in protest: Ottawa’s Parliament Hill was stormed. http


  1. snowsofeterinty says

    This protest sadly isn’t working that great. Get something really going by following Lenin’s solution in 1917. Then you will really get results!

  2. acsial says

    The union-run NDP sided with the union over students in the York U dispute.

    With current funding levels, we COULD HAVE FREE TUITION. All it would take is a roughly 30% spending cut by post secondary institutions. A few ways:

    *Slash administrative duplication, kill some departments.

    *Contract out some services.

    *Stop doing porkbarrel construction projects.

    *Use more sessional profs.

    *Stop using universities to subsidize private-sector R&D.

    *Reduce enrolment/increase admission requirments.

  3. MiiZzL0V3Ly says

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  4. cousteaujr says

    Hi Marla ๐Ÿ™‚
    My friend Floyd A. and I think you’re awesome. I think you’re hot. Keep it up. You have friends in Austin.
    -Chris Mackay, son of a Winnipagan
    P.S. “I don’t think youtube posts my comments because I’ve posted a few bad words” – Floyd

  5. thefistofgod says

    ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks guys. It’s all super (durruti) so thank him for GETTING OUT THERE and spreading the word.




  6. gaanjahmama says


    Damnit I completely blanked on the event Supercanuk, I apologize. I saw all the coverage that night and was impressed… but not as impressed as I am by this montage! Great work guys!

    Next time for SURE!