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  1. gauldgalliersuk says

    If it was really so brilliant it wouldnt be offered for free on youtube, its like these so called instructors, if they have such great advice theyd be charging heaps not wdebloging it lol lol :P:P:S:S:):):D:D!!

  2. mellieloveskyle says

    singing is my passion and i sing crappy, can anyone give me tips on how to get a better voice?

  3. Skybluetubbgirl says

    i praticed this for weeks almost a month.i got the results right when i tried to this. but i’ve gotten better

  4. wenzjayy says

    how do i solve this? im not so bad at singing but the problem is….when i start singing…my nasal pathways starts to clog even though i dont have a cold or something …i suppose this is a problem in my sinus? am i right?

  5. pippetlucy says

    I tried it and i went to a karoke party and when i started singing i was shocked! everyone knew how i song and i was meant to be singing badly as a laugh but i sang good!!!! thanks SO much! when I start making youtube videos of me singing ill definitly thank you!

  6. QuackersQ says

    HOLY Crap! I tried it, for a few days without singing and ive just sang now and :O woah big big difference!

  7. cr0wnmiie says

    when i breathe in and my stomach expands, but there is a pressure on my stomach. is that right?

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    The best way to ensure you are using proper technique is with a voice teacher who can look at what you are doing and help you make corrections.