1. Matabi2 says

    this is pure bullshit makes u take bad habits and sounds horrible if u dont remove the last note comon i mean it really sucks hard

  2. Matabi2 says

    when he does the spider exercise humm.. he sais that we need to let our fingers down until we need to move them but i mean if u do that it makes the last note ring and sounds weird… doesn’t It ? sorry for my bad english ^^

  3. hkysk878 says

    thank you so much for these great exercises. everyone should be doing these types of things if they want to get better. even if this is a copy of another lesson, it still helped me tremendously. thanks for getting the techniques out there!

  4. omgMHomg says

    he means when ur using ur left hand… right handed technique would be strumming and left handed technique is whatever ur doing on the fretboard…

  5. Randomheid says

    Yes, because your left hand is the one you need to strengthen. That’s exactly the hand that’s on your fretboard when you’re right handed, lol.

  6. nzjohnnyp85 says

    Choice lessons bruva
    Just picked up ma 1st gat a few weeks ago, not having much luck till i found ur vids, nice!
    Watsup wif all the dumbasses thinkin ur teaching left-handed guitar???
    Peace Bro!

  7. AradynnNyzon says

    …why does everyone think he’s trying to teach techniques for left handed guitarists? he’s teaching fret-hand techniques, commonly know as left hand techniques since most guitarists play right handed

  8. Tecseiyru says

    Great tutorial JonITD. I was a little interested in learning to play. But now I guess (since I’m a south-paw) that their might be a better chance of me picking one of those things up, apperciate man. Tec, Peace Out.

  9. Coryxx34 says

    For me it’s weird, I am right handed (I write right handed) but when I play the guitar I play left handed. For some reason it feels more comfortable. I was thinking about teaching myself how to play right handed but that takes too long. So should I just buy a left handed guitar or what? Yes i know its fucked up haha

  10. TheElectricHeat says

    what do you mean 10% percent more? You will never find a guitar worth playing in a music store used. You will always pay full reatil plus some more. This has taught me at an early age to get out there and make the $ cuz the world ain’t gonna change for you

  11. wrenchestate says

    Hey dude im ambidextrous but from ALOT of research i’ve found that if ur left handed an play right handed it allows u to explore the more artistic parts of ur brain, but if u play left handed it will be easier on the technical side. its up to you, but id recommend learnin BOTH. its awesome. good luck with ya guitarin!!