Under The Bridge Bass Cover- Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge – Bass Tuition Services

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  1. BassBoy121 says

    Great Cover! Nice action, and nice bass aswell 🙂 The Fender P-bass sounds nice for this song 🙂 Well Done 😀

  2. JornLovesMusic says

    i dont know why either but i just like to play with my fingers so you get a lot more ” softer ” sound and when you play with a pick the sound is much “sharper” and the bass sound should be soft and smooth. thats my reason i think it depands on the kind of person you are and if you like the tone with or without pick, i hope this could help you

  3. JORDANEast says

    That’s entirely true. I have small fingers and I can play it just as well as anyone else (besides John). It just helps to have either very long or very flexible fingers.

  4. oldpeepsareboring says

    with a pick it has more of a twangy noise but with your fingers it sounds more deep and natural. heavier bands tend to use picks to pick up and down ( alternate picking or tremolo picking ) so they can paly faster

  5. iCONICAACINOCi says

    You’re right… And they don’t just play with their fingers. They play with fingers, picks or slap it with their thumb. There’s no “rules” you just do what sounds best for what you’re trying to sound like. Using a pick on a bass gives a harder, punchier sound. Fingers give a softer sound and slap/pop is really funky sounding.

  6. Laartje95 says

    It’s a lot easier, you can play quicker with your fingers 😛
    and you have to play just one string at the time, so you don’t have to play them all…

  7. Hudzan says

    i know alot of people will call this a stupid question but uuh why do bass players play with their fingers and not with a pick?

  8. darkmatt77 says

    hey, don’t look just at the body
    as you can notice, it has jazz humbuckers, right?
    I’m not very sure
    I play a fender-like jazz bass and soon a Ibanez GSR 200