How do I cancel my financial aid for fall semester?

This will be the 2nd time, will this harm my future coverage of financial aid? I waited too late and now i need to cancel my aid again. Who should i contact and how long will it take? I will be going to a community college spring semester instead and i need financial aid coverage for that semester. Thanks.


  1. Suba says

    It shouldn’t hurt you if you cancel your aid. Call the financial aid office at your school and tell them you will not be attending. If you drop or don’t enroll in classes, the school will just return the aid to where it came from.

    Just be sure to correct your school for the spring semester on your fafsa.

    And understand that not attending school this semester will not get you more money for next semester. If you don’t attend, you don’t qualify for the money…it can’t be saved up. I’m not sure that’s what you’re thinking, I just wanted to clarify.