Total Control Drum Tuition: Metal – Double Bass Drum Ex. 1 An entry level drum beat using a double bass drum pedal. This exercise shows me playing a heavy backbeat on the snare on beat 3 and keeping time with my right hand. The double bass drum element plays 16th notes all the way through a bar. By playing this exercise slowly, you will notice that with every strike I play with my time keeping hand, 2 bass drum beats are played. Speeding up the exercise is a good way to improve endurance and stamina on the drum kit….


  1. Ghost8O5 says

    beast and the harlot. I was talking to the guy above me, but it’s also cool that you also listen to avenged sevenfold! 🙂

  2. riomariucci says

    Triggers are electronic sensors that produce a sound that resembles a bass drum (the bass drum in this video is triggered. So that’s one of a few sounds it makes) It can be placed on the head of the bass drum (sensing head vibration) so when you literally tap the bassdrum with your beater, the sensor makes the drum sound like you are hitting it full force. so it goes: tap—>trigger—>speaker.

  3. riomariucci says

    I never want to use triggers…
    Nice sound dude
    Get another bass drum hahahaha
    (I will (try) if you will haha)

  4. ChopatoothCOBHC says

    the trigger it self is maybe about 100$ but the module that actually sends out the signal to the amp of what sound should play is like 300-1000$