Specific Points to Highlight by Discipline in Sample Graduate School Essays

Writing an exellent graduate school essay is very important. Your admissions essay can make or break your application so put a lot of time and effort in coming up with an engaging piece.

What sample graduate school essays for science and engineering courses should present

If you are planning to apply for a graduate school in the field of science and engineering, reading essays written especially for this field will give you an idea on how to write your own.  Sample graduate essays usually contain the reasons why the writer wants to study in that certain university and why a science or an engineering course is his or her choice.  The best essays should show events in the applicant’s past that influenced his or her decision to pursue studies in a particular field.  Aside from this, good sample essays should present the skills of the applicant that would prove to be beneficial to the science and engineering community.  It should not, however, simply enumerate those skills.  Rather, it should show the readers the events in the writer’s life in which these capabilities became evident. Excellent graduate school essays also have to mention the applicants’ numerical abilities and experiences that could give them advantages in pursuing  a degree in science and engineering.

What sample graduate schools essays for literature and humanities courses should present

Like in the sample graduate school essays for science and engineering, the ones for the literature and humanities courses should also state the writers’ reasons why they want to take courses in these specific fields.  Sample graduate schools essays for literature and humanities should show the passion of the writers for the study of literature.  It should also highlight the applicants’ knowledge on literary theories.  A well-written graduate school essays should also reveal the writers’ abilities to think analytically and critically because these skills are very important to survive in literature and humanities courses in graduate schools.  Excellent grad school essays should show the creativity of the writers’ mind; however, these should not be over-creative.  Because though you are applying in courses under literary arts, your main goal in your essay is to reveal information about yourself with clarity.

What sample graduate school essays for social science courses should present

For social sciences courses, you can find guidelines in sample graduate essays written specifically for these fields.  Quality sample essays should give information on the things about the writers that made them worthy to be given admissions to graduate schools that offer social science courses.  It is also necessary that the essay should present experiences wherein the writer exhibits his or her capabilities that would prove to be beneficial to the social science community.  

Although essays in each discipline have differences, in terms of content and focus, the same essay writing rules should apply for all the essays.  One rule is clarity.  Quality sample graduate school essays should leave no room for misinterpretation.  Aside from this, the essays should be coherent.  There should be a central theme that would unite the sentences together in the essays. Another factor that could make the essays attention-grabbing no matter what field they are intended for is the evident maturity of the writer; well-written essays should have depth.

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