Rob Chappers Rock Guitar Tuition 1 DVD – order now!

Come one and all my faithful monkey troops and purchase yourselves a piece of Chappers pie, brim full of win! If you love my Youtube videos then you will love an hour with me on your telly 🙂 And if that wasn’t good enough each DVD bought before 15th Dec will come with a Christmas card from his royal ape-ness.


  1. RobChappers says

    Of course they are being sent all over the world from Hong Kong and Australia, to USA and France 🙂

  2. bchamorro says

    Hey Rob, is the DVD coming out in November or December?
    I can’t wait for this DVD. Hurry please!!

  3. RobChappers says

    No mate you can buy them later but they will be more expensive, £12.99 plus postage from me if you pre-order, or £19.99 plus postage after 🙂

  4. sportsportsport says

    ‘bad ass’ ‘insane’ ….lol the americanization of britons use of language and american intensifiers. Plus a nice cheeky David Grissom styled slide lick for madness.

  5. RobChappers says

    Hi Stevie, I use Brit Picks! They are awsome and 100% recycled.. I have a video about them 🙂