Rob Chappers Rock Guitar Tuition 1 DVD

Rob Chappers Rock Guitar Tuition 1 DVD is available to purchase direct from You can dowload my solo album “Red Dream” here: Cheers 🙂


  1. RobChappers says

    Yes mate, no problem at all… just go to themonkeylordDOTCOM there is a Paypal merch store there!

    Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  2. XtremeRockerRambo says

    this dvd looks great, i am definetely interested in getting one 🙂

    great guitar playing mate 🙂

  3. erenoi says

    Well. expect an order when i have a bit of spare cash on me, im saving for my new ibanez you see. But i need some guitar guru Lulz in my schedule also!

    You have turned me into a massive fan quite quickly haha. Take care!

  4. RobChappers says

    Ha ha.. no mate, it covers a range of techniques from very basic through to intermediate.. It’s aimed at self taught beginners who have some experience 🙂


  5. erenoi says

    i would really get this, however i feel that it would probably be teaching me things that are far too epic and advanced for my brain to handle at this moment in time.

    Once i have learned a bit more, expect an order 🙂

  6. GibsonGuitarsForever says

    dude, your a freaking legend!
    does your tuition involve the orange rockerverb 50?

  7. RobChappers says

    I have loads in stock mate, email me for an acurate shipping price, it’s not that bad to the USA I have posted loads out there 😉

  8. illusionfreak says

    Do you have a lot in stock or should I worry about not being able to get one? Also if you post me one to the US will it add on to the cost significantly?