1. rach says

    essay, most admissions councilers say that the essay is the most important part of the application because it gives them insight into the person and their character

  2. Daniella says

    Good grades in college-prep and Honors/AP/IB courses,high SAT/ACT scores, student government, community service, school clubs, part-time work and internships, Scouting, academic/athletic competition, the list goes on. Basically, you want to display your academic prowess and your well-rounded personality through excellence in a variety of activities. It’s smart that you’re thinking of this ahead of time…good luck!

  3. Brent B says

    If your school offers a “Service Learning Leadership” class take it, Do walks(for diseases) and help around the town, Community service, clubs(newspaper,Spanish club etc.) and grades are what they look at the most. Also stay out of trouble.
    You should also talk to your school counselor about this.

  4. Perez says

    ok, lots of people have said variety, but variety alone is nothing. listing out a bajillion clubs you are a part of will do nothing. depth is way more important. if ur president of club so and so or have dedicated like 10hrs/week to a certain club, that looks much betr… saying goes “jack of all trades, master of none” or somthing like that…

  5. Ebony M says

    community service, volunteer hours, good grades, a great ACT score and a great essay showing how interested you are about the school