How do I get financial aid for my son if I also get financial aid?

What affects will my financial aid need have on his financial aid?
This is for College.


  1. caba says

    You both will still have to complete the FAFSA separately. Your FAFSA will just contain your income and tax information/savings, while your son’s FAFSA will contain yours and his. So, his EFC will most likely be different than yours.

    You both will be answering a couple of questions the same: how many in the household and of those how many attending college.

    You can get a rough idea of what the EFC for both of you will be by using this calculator:

    The financial aid you both may receive will be different if you both are attending different schools. Schools use the COA (Cost of Attendance) in conjunction with the EFC to determine a student’s financial aid. So the need may be different. No one here can really tell you for sure since it depends on what the COA is.

    Talk to a financial aid officer at your school and/or the school your son is/will be attending for more information. Good luck!