1. TheEarlOfDublin says

    terrible improvisation with loads of nonsensical phrases that don’t follow each other

  2. abnerbadua says

    great job man… you’re a great guitar player… as a fellow musician i want to give you some advice in playing also. you’re really good, but one thing you’re really lacking in playing is the feeling in your solos, you also need to learn that. thats one of most important thing in soloing… it improves the music that your playing… i guess that’s all…thanks for all your videos…
    it helps me a lot in playing…
    keep on playing… yeah! Godbless Man!!!

  3. bleedingfly says

    lol. If you’re going to “cover” some else’s work, (Marty Friedmans – Melodic control) then you should at least have the respect, (self respect) to give credit to those from whome you’ve copied and not try to pass it off as your own. If you wanted to give people an education, surely it would have been better to do a re-post? You’re holding people back by trying to boost your ego. We both know that aint right dude. m/

  4. gschex1112 says

    Technically speaking, Eb isn’t the maj7 of E; it’s the major seventh of Fb. D# is the maj7 of E. And as to why you wouldn’t use it, it’s because that E is actually E7 in this progression. If you were to make it Emaj7 you would kill the pull back to Am. Tritone resolution (as well as the unstable 7th) is what drives dominant chords back to tonic.

  5. pertrucci says

    Why wouldn’t you use the eb note on the E-chord? it’s the maj7. I know you don’t wanna land on it, but I’d still use it. Sry mate again: to much theory, no feelings.

  6. messtooth says

    great! thanks!

    howcome your amp is hooked o your stereo? what does that help? lemme know im intrested ahah

  7. JonITD says

    Yes you really should learn some scales, at least the major and minor scales. Pentatonic scales are just simplified versions of the major and minor. If you want to solo over chord sequences then they are crucial! Have fun.

  8. snivellinlittleshit says

    JoniTD… can you explain to me why it is so important to learn scales please?… and would u reccomend me takin the time to learn them?

  9. JonITD says

    Often self taught is a good way to go, as you learn exactly what you want to learn. But in the long run you can pick up bad habits, but often its these ‘bad habits’ that defines the guitarist. If we all sounded the same how boring would that be! Just learn at your own rate and have fun.

  10. ReaverKS says

    Everyone learns at their own pace. Don’t compare yourself to other people or you may either become discouraged or become overconfident and cause you to work less at it! Just enjoy yourself and go at your own pace and you should get where you want to be in time.

  11. cunnis1234 says

    you explain very well ive been playing for 2 ytrs do you think i play ok or am i behind as i am self taught