Do colleges care if you have transferred from a 4-year college to a community college?

I am a sophomore at 4-year college right now and don’t like the school. I want to fininsh off this coming semester so I can transfer to a community college since it’s cheaper. I plan on taking the next semester at a cc. And then when I become a junior, I’m going to another 4-year college to graduate. Will the colleges I will be applying next year wonder why I started out as a student at a 4-year college but then decided to transfer over to a community colleges?


  1. Lolajean says

    theyll probably ask… because inquiring minds (and nosy minds) want to know but its know big deal… heck I did the same thing … the first university was too much money for me(I was out of state) so I went back in state to attend a community college and I received my associates after that I went to a 4 year university and I received my bachelor I was only there for 10 month because I recieved majority of my credits from the first university and the community college

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