Dalton’s Double Standards for Bad Tuition Fees Policy

Does Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty think tuition fees are too high and a barrier to education? Or does he think that students and their families should take on more debt to pay even higher fees? Copyright © 2007 Canadian Federation of Students Intrinsic Audiovisual Productions


  1. jackiechan511 says

    University students, since the Liberals fail on post secondary education, I hope they’ll be toppled in 2011.

  2. Cybele1986 says

    Actually, I was at the 2005 speech. The clips seem really out of context juxtaposed against the 1998 speech, when I remember it. He actually had the nerve to say that “tuition fees will go up” without the political double speech and this was in a university lecture hall in front of an audience of students. There was nearly a riot.

  3. artdjmaster says

    I am going to university in a year and my job at McDonalds is not going to be able to cover the tuition cost.

    I serve pig after pig after pig for $8/hr so that, in future, I won’t have to serve pigs anymore.

    Let me tell you, I’ll still be serving pigs when I graduate university to pay off my freaking enormous debt!!!

  4. PhatStax says

    lol WOW he must feel like a dumbass.. i cant believe the liberals are ok with having another liar on their party