What Graduate programs can a BA in Philosophy prepare me for?

I’m majoring in philosophy and I know its not that useful on its own, so I’m preparing to go to graduate school. Anyone have suggestions on what kind of graduate programs I could be suited for? I am primarily interested in physical education, exercise physiology or environmental science. Thanks guys!


  1. Olivia J says

    Actually a lot of lawyers studied philosophy. The reasoning skills, writing, and ability to read a lot of fluff make it a good course to prepare for law school.

  2. Anna P says

    You will need pre-requisites for all those graduate programs. As long as you meet the pre-requisites, you should have a shot at any of them. The phys ed would be the toughest (both) as you need biology, anatomy & physiology, kinesiology, physics, chemistry and biochemistry at minimum (I think). Environmental science would need organic chemistry, environmental foundation courses and would actually use the philosophy more (in terms of policy aspects). Philosophy focuses on critical reasoning, so just beef up the UG coursework and you should be fine.