The Social Networking Age Meets College Admissions

College Admissions Meets The Social Networking Age

Welcome to the social networking age. Now, Facebook and Myspace are as much a part of a person’s social circle as friends at school and around the neighborhood. Social networking provides a way for people to connect with classmates, work associates, family members and friends as well as exchange news and ideas, post work, meet people, blog, post photos and videos and do just about anything. As far as education is concerned, this provides a new, wonderful way for a scholarship committee to get to know the people that are the prospective winners of college scholarships a little better.

Recently, univeristies began using some of the different social networking tools and the Internet for college promotion and recruiting. Students are already able to do a university and college search on the internet to get more information about schools and read through their web pages. College admissions requirements and recruiting information is posted online on school sites and others as well. A number of universities and colleges now offer and ask that admissions applications and test scores be submitted on the internet to simplify the process of applying. Social networking is also easing the process for college admissions screening and recruiting through electronic submittal.

Not long ago, students had to primarily lean on good test scores and GPAs in order to get noticed by admissions boards. Athletes relied a great deal on college recruitment efforts, but those who lived in urban areas had a much better chance of being noticed than those in rural areas. Athletes now can send highlight videos using the web to coaches and college recruiting officers anywhere in the world. Athletes in places that aren’t recruited much or don’t receive a lot of attention from admissions officers can make themselves noticeable through the Internet and social networking.

New online services are getting prospective students and universities in a way that in the past wasn’t really an option. The pinnacle of graduation for almost any high school senior is getting accepted into college. Students and prospective students have more resources and tools than ever before via social networking so they can create connections with and promote themselves to universities and colleges. While SAT/ACT test scores and GPAs still remain the primary criteria, students that have lower grades and test scores have the opportunity to feature other things are talented in. College admissions requirements and criteria is being slowly broadened to include students’ creativity, talents, work experience, jobs, special interests, experiences, activities as well as additional determining factors. These factors have been an influence in college recruitment, but internet services make it easier than ever for students to showcase thier aptitude and colleges and universities have the opportunity to distinguish and appreciate them easily. Athletes that participate in baseball, soccer, softball, hockey, volleyball, football, cheer, basketball, track, swimming and others can send in highlight videos with the internet that can be easily issued to recruiting offices, coaches and admissions offices. Recruiting tools and resources can be accessed and used using the internet.

Potential students benefit from social networking by developing peer networks and relationships. Students can share information and passions with others that have common expertise and pursuits and then improve and develop them. Several clubs, organizations, and groups exist in social network groups that bring students and prospective students together from all over. Prospective students and previous students are able to make inquiries and give advice to help students facing college admissions.

Students can now connect themselves with colleges and universities around the country through their entire experience in high school. No longer do college searches require visiting college campuses, but students and prospective students can access information and college admissions from the comfort of their own home. Students get the opportunity to present to admissions officers the type of person they are, the things they have accomplished and what their goals and aspirations are.

Author’s Bio:Mr. Richard Lorence is an free lance writer. Zinch is one of the first sites on the internet that’s really pushing to connect potential students in high school directly with admissions officers and recruitment officers in a way that’s never previoulsy been done before, with social networking. The new targeted college search should transform the whole college admissions process.

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