How much financial aid can you borrow up to before you can be denied any more?

I owe almost $3500 in financial aid? I am thinking of applying to another college, but I am worried that I won’t get any financial aid since I already owe. Eventually, I will pay back my financial aid, but I was wondering is there a limit to the amount of financial aid you can receive?


  1. Found-1 says

    Yes, there are limits on the amounts you can borrow per year and the amounts you can borrow in your lifetime. I’m attaching a Dept of Education publication. Look in the back. They depend on if you are considered independent or dependent student.

  2. Alibubble says

    If you still need more money you could always get grants for school. Grants are free and carry no restrictions. You never have to pay them back like loans. I know some people who have gotten a lot of money by applying for grants. I think I have a site that might help you. The link should be in my sources.

    Good Luck!

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