Rob Chappers “Rock Guitar Tuition 1” DVD Available Now

My first tuition DVD “Rock Guitar Tuition 1” featuring loads of fantastic Orange Amplifiers! You can order now by emailing Give the gift of chappers this christmas 🙂 If you like watching my Youtube videos then you love an hour with me shot by a pro team of video monkeys


  1. RobChappers says

    Thanks mate, I have lots of very cheap downloadable lessons, Just go to my website and click on store 😉

  2. RobChappers says

    Hello DrKarnivore, Firstly you have an awesome name… secondly this DVD is aimed at beginner to intermediate players. It overviews many techniques so is great for people who have been self taught for a few months etc. For more info and an accurate price including shipping just email me on the address in the info box top right 🙂

  3. Spenceros says

    Rob, from a health and safety perspective, I reckon you should include a warning with your videos, just to stop too many people being MELTED by the pure unadulterated WIN!

  4. iviPAGE says

    Can I get one in Spain?? Is it available for donwload or something at the same price??
    Thanks, you rockkk!!!

  5. novasnyling says

    Thanks, I paypalled you as per the instrctions already lol 🙂 Looking forward to this.

  6. RobChappers says

    Come one and all my faithful monkey troops and purchase yourselves a piece of Chappers pie, brim full of win! If you love my Youtube videos then you will love an hour with me on your telly 🙂

    And if that wasn’t good enough each DVD bought before 15th Dec will come with a christmas card from his royal apeness.

  7. novasnyling says

    I’ve been looking forward to this for a while lol, not to be bothersome, but any info on when it’s coming out?

  8. RobChappers says

    I could crush you with my bare monkey hands, but that would be too easy! Instead your punishment is to be you for the rest of your life ha ha ha ha (Evil laughter peels off into the immense vine jungle)

  9. tankbrute6 says

    hey bro. thats my guitar and my amp. you stole it from me. give it back or guitar battle me. i AM THE MONKE LORD

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