Japanese lesson song-Aisatsu no uta

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  1. afsgdgd says

    4 example when you go to bed someone says “goodnight” in japanese it is “oyasominasai” or “enjoy your food” “itadakimasu” someone gives you some gift you will say “thank you” in japanese “arigato” 😀 easy

  2. andarks says

    The rith isa little starnge but I loved it because I could read it and practie.
    thanks for uploading this video!

  3. xXAmuletcloveRXx says

    wow this is kinda cool yet wierd but …agh i don’t even know how to explain itxD

  4. sorcress18 says

    No. It is written “ha” but it is still pronounced “wa”. It is one of the rules. If you say Watashi ha, it doesn’t make sence. There is no such thing. It is still pronounced Watashi wa.

  5. Kyledude136 says

    The hiragana symbol for “wa” as in “watashi wa” is actually “ha”, so it’s actually “watashi ha”. I don’t know why it’s that way, it’s weird.

  6. Raymasaki says

    its the ONLY thing i dont like about Japanese. the Other characters
    are called what they are, ha,hi,ho,he & the Dakuten make the ka a Ga & a ha a Ba
    か が は ば that at least is easy to understand & learn

  7. wowfreak10 says

    Complete Japanese Alphabet Song – Katakana – Hiragana – 日本語

    that is a better video for this.

  8. oooiii000sdfoiu says

    When “wa” is used as a topic-marking particle, it is spelled “ha”. I think maybe they used to pronounce it “ha” back in the day.

  9. Navez18 says

    maybe its me, but im pretty sure at 0.37 that says konnichiha, isint that last character a “ha” , but suppose to be a “wa”?