World’s First Tuition-Free Online University

University of the People will be the world’s first tuition-free university. Shai Reshef, an Israeli entrepreneur hopes to provide a high quality, university level education to students in developing nations. For more education news visit


  1. AFRIKTODAY says

    Exactly, some people are so negative! It is a growing trend and we hope that in the future things will only get better!

  2. efisgpr says

    exactly! accreditation = validation.
    a degree when they’re accredited = a valid degree.
    valid = viable

  3. jeremykemp says

    Student groups get a TA for logistics & to gate keep for volunteer teachers. The U. “has no obligation to monitor Communication Services” (forums). Student privacy? “by posting… you are granting… the rights to: copy, distribute, transmit… your Submission; and to publish your name.” So classrooms are not an official activity, students have no privacy and faculty are not present. You get proprietary exams administered at testing centers for a fee. How is this open? Free? A university?

  4. asmetuyasiempre says

    U ALL GO TO ED-NET.,ther u could study for free. of course u dont get not diploma and nothing but u dont need it .u make u own diploma and certificate or bachelor or doctor afeter u finish u courses ,then if they dont belive that u got skills and education ask them to give u a test,u will be hired on the spot .

  5. nigel891 says

    I agree man, so ridiculous. and he said each exam is between 10 and $100
    let’s take the mid range 55 * 32 courses for a degree(assuming one exam per course) = $1760 only income of 2 years for someone in india. Let alone who the fuck is providing internet access. I guess he expects them to not eat while they go to school, fraud.

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