What is a good accredited online university?

Please help me anybody I need an accredited online university that’s not too expensive or really expensive at all I’m interested in going to an university online cos I’m planning on getting me a full time job somewhere


  1. RoaringMice says

    Your least expensive option is the community colleges in your home state. Those are inexpensive and reputable, and many of them offer online degrees. You should check their websites, and if it’s not clear if they offer online degrees, email them directly to ask.

    You can also check the “state colleges” – the public colleges and universities in your home state. Those will be a bit more expensive than the community colleges in your home state, but they’ll still be far less expensive than a private school, and they are reputable.

    Reputable online programs include those offered by U Maryland, Penn State, Northeastern U, UMass, U Texas, Cal State, Tiffin U, Southern New Hampshire U, and many others.

  2. John S says

    Online universities do not provide you with the education and resources that you need.

    School is a full time commitment.

    I guarantee that after you graduate, any workplace will take someone who actually physically went to school over you.

    Look: Even a dog can get it


  3. Rosie says

    There are quite a few and also depending on your chosen major, it is hard to tell without knowing a bit about your background and your interest.

    Before I enrolled to my current one, I wrote to a lot of them and asked all the questions I could think of, I also googled a lot. After all, it is a big commitment and you don’t want to make mistakes.

    I also found a few sites providing good report, here is one I think you will find useful, updated and in details, it is free too. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions as well..